Which Kind Of Escort Service Should You Rely On?

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Hiring an escort can be the most exciting thing to do in you weekend. At the same time, it can also be a risk if the website is not genuine and involves scammers and robbers. You need to be extra careful on deciding the escort service that you want to book for the weekend. There are several factors that can signify the genuineness of a website. Here are a few things that you would like to consider before picking over an escort service.

The legitness of the website

You can easily find out if the website is legit or a pure scam. There are hundreds of ways to tell, such as the catchy images with minimum information about the service, repeated advertisements to make a booking with no base process, outdated customer reviews, fake images etc. It is not difficult to tell if a website. However, you need to be careful as the escort service has attracted more scammers due to its popular demand among men.

A genuine escort service will not ask you for money directly through the website. They will connect you with an agent first so you can decide on the model and your demands. After which you will be given the instructions about being with the escort and what she does not like. Only after that, the agent will provide you with the option to make an online payment or in most cases they will ask you to hand over the cash directly to the escort.

If the website asks for direct payments when you have not even decided anything yet, you should realise that it is a scam website with people on the other side just waiting for your credit card details. Once you have a clear idea about the genuineness of the website you can move on to the next step which is

Talk with the escort

When you receive the contact details of the escort you need to find out if it is the same escort whom you chose in the website. Contact her through a phone call or a video call and get to know what she would like to do for the weekend. While you get to know her, ask her if she is comfortable with your demands. She might agree to it since you are paying her money, but if she not okay, you should back out like a gentleman. Also, if she is not ready for a video call before meeting, it might be a different girl who will try to compensate on behalf of the model you chose before, which happens in most cases.

One way to solve this issue is to ask her to take a picture of herself with a card that reads your name. If she does it, that means the model is legit and will be accompanying you through your evening. If she does not do it, reject the meet and move on to another website. There are plenty of websites doing the same thing and you need to find a legit one to always be on the safe side.